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Twilight Sound Studios

Located in North Delta, Twilight Sound Studios is a place of learning for over 60 students.


Taught by sisters KarinaKazandraKrystyna and Klaryssa, all of whom have received their ARCT designations, Twilight Sound Studios offers instruction in piano from beginners to advanced. 

Our studio offers a variety of supplements to basic piano lessons. At the elementary levels, theory is included as part of the program and helps to set the stage for theoretical studies that are mandatory at the higher levels.  We also encourage our students to participate in performance opportunities such as recitals, festivals and examinations as we strongly believe these help provide meaningful goals for our students.

The study of music is a challenging opportunity for personal expression and growth.  We firmly believe that music study has a positive effect on the lives of all our students, whether or not they decide to make music their career.  We therefore strive to provide a positive and encouraging environment for students to pursue this interest and also develop skills for their future benefit and enjoyment.

Piano Restoration
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