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Every student has a unique learning experience. That's why we ensure we offer a variety of different learning opportunities to meet the needs of each individual. From preparing students for exams and festivals to hosting student workshops, we make sure each student has the chance to thrive and grow, both as individuals and performers.



The Royal Conservatory of Music sets the bar for musicianship and technique. RCM Exams are a great opportunity for students to test their knowledge and give them that extra motivation to keep up with their practicing. 

To learn more about how to prepare for an exam, check out our learning resources. For more information on classification of marks, see here. 



If you are interested in taking an exam, please notify your teacher.  2018/2019 Exam Dates. 


Solana, Haven and Clare at the Burnaby Clef Society Festival, 2011

Solana, Haven and Clare at the Burnaby Clef Society Festival, 2011

Solana, Haven and Clare at the Burnaby Clef Society Festival, 2011

Participation in piano festivals is highly encouraged. Not only are they a great goal for students to work towards but they also give students a chance to hear their peers perform. It opens their ears to so many different interpretations of songs and teaches them that music is subjective. 

Festivals help students develop their performance ability, build confidence, and cope with their nerves. They learn to be respectful of other performers and realize that one person's opinion of their playing does not define their ability as a musician. 

Students have the opportunity to participate individually and/or within an ensemble.  If you are interested in putting your child in a festival, please notify your teacher.  


One of the most rewarding experiences for a performer is showcasing the final product of months and months of hard work
in front of family and friends. As a teacher, there is no better feeling than to see a student shine! Recitals are held in December and 
June at the North Delta Rec Center. 


Entrance by Donation. Refreshments to follow Performance. Family and Friends are welcome. 

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Christmas 2018 Piano Recital



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We firmly believe in the importance of performing. It not only helps build confidence as a musician, but it helps develop the skills to succeed in other aspects of life as well. To give students the extra opportunity to perform, we host two student-only workshops a year. This gives students the chance to perform in front of their peers in a comfortable and friendly setting. Workshops are held in October and March/April. 

Strawberry Tea 2018 Workshop


Ensemble classes are to piano what relay races are to track and field! The general consensus is that they are WAY MORE FUN than playing an individual piece. (Team work! Team work! Team work!)

Students learn cooperation, strengthen their teamwork ability and most importantly, they learn to listen. 

Ensemble classes take place separate from individual lessons. The opportunity to perform in an ensemble is dependent on the general interest and the individual student's ability. 

Have a listen to some of our ensemble students! 

If you are interested in participating in ensemble, please let your teacher know. 

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